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TASB Autism + Expo

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Join us April 14, 1pm, at the Radisson Hotel, Atlanta-Marietta. 1775 Parkway Place, Marietta, Ga. 30067


Guests reserve your seat for a minimum donation of $10. NO Children Please. (age 18+)

TASB volunteers are very excited to create our first TASB Autism+ Expo. Many families are lost and advocating for their loved ones on the autism spectrum. The Association of stylists & barbers (TASB) is interested in bringing guidance, therapy, knowledge and products for parents who have children/students on the autism spectrum. TASB invites you to share your questions, comments & concerns! From how a child is diagnosed, to how autism can affect the family dynamic. Lunch and learn with other autism parents, you’re not alone! Speakers will motivate you as well as our professionals can shape your brows with perfection or enjoy a relaxing hand massage! (complimentary). Raffles, gifts and a new friend awaits you at our event. TASB has a mission, to help you “Cut Out” the stress and find your answers!

A great way to show off your resources. For a  minimum donation of $20 venders can reserve space and receive a 2 minute spotlight for your knowledge/facility/product, (contact us to register). We will continue to update you as our program unfolds so please come back!

CONTACT: 770-355-4934

Online purchase $10 guest. Registration will follow with details and tickets via email.

RSVP/ Register by April 7th for a drawing (Holiday Harbor, Pontoon boat ride$300)

After April 7th seats are on a first come basis!

Ticket purchase Here


Raffles and Give aways:

Holiday Harbor Pontoon Boat Ride, Sparkles Roller Skating, Learning Express, Bruster’s, Tintos Coffee House, Cheese Burger Bobbys, Subourbon Bar & Grill, Ci Ci’s pizza, Costco, Picaboo, Long Horn, Movie Tavern, Sally, Twin Peaks, Glitzy Chick, Merle Norman, Uber, Atlanta Zoo passes, Movie Passes, manicure, Medieval Times Dinner, gift baskets, Moes, Skyview, Dinner/Lunch Date with Micheal Buckholtz, (Child & Caregiver)   and more!!


Elaine Lord, Stylist, Owner of Elaine’s Hair Studio. Founder of The Association of Stylists & Barbers and Recognition with Style Magazine. Adopting a 12 year old from Latvia, we could not get an accurate diagnosis for her learning disabilities (language barrier). I realized similar learning issues Tereza was facing I had in my early years of school. Could I have been diagnosed with Autism/Aspergers in 1967.  Details Here

Founder TASB

Founder TASB

Sharelle Wilder,  Stylist and Mother of a child with Autism. Her journey will  motivate you and help you acknowledge problem solving for you and your child. Advocate for Autism speaks, “Walk for Autism”! Details Heresharelle


 Pamela Saunders, CEO  Butterfly Consulting, We assist families with members with Special Needs advocate for education, healthcare, housing, transportation, and employment.  We help create plans of care for education, healthcare, employment, and daily care.Details HereWebsitebutterfly consult

Jennifer Burgess, Spokesperson for Jacobs Ladder with her Masters in Christian Counseling. A mother of two special needs children. Jacobs ladder is an SAIS-SACS accredited, SB-10 approved private school, serving students with any kind of neurological disorder – from Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Brain Injury to a range of learning disabilities and genetic disorders – although 60% of our students have been diagnosed with Autism. Details Here

Parent/Student teams Hear from both Mother & Son as they share their journey.  Ask them questions…. Learn  about the struggles and the joy of raising Jacob. Find out what motivated Jacob to get his associates degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology BEFORE  he graduated High school.   Details Here


Taylor Duncan At the age of 4, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Through the years of childhood, teenage years, and even onward into adulthood, I faced a lot of preconceived ideas due to the perception of what one with a difference may and may not become capable of.  After various experiences in baseball and softball, I went on to form Alternative Baseball. An authentic baseball experience for teens and adults 15+ with autism and other special needs.Details HereTAYLOR DUNCAN

Special Guest Speaker Micheal Buckholtz        MC Hammer’s Gold & Multi-platinum Award winning music producer • multi-instrumentalist • actor • author • alien! He also is on the autism spectrum and will tell his story. We will learn what Micheal has in store for his state of the art recording and pro sound design studio that will specifically be designed with the autism spectrum in mind.  Details Heremicheal


$20 vender

A limited number of Venders/Organizations will join us to share their resources.


THRIVE Premium Lifestyle is a breakthrough in Health, Wellness, Weight Management, and Nutritional Support. The THRIVE 8-Week Experience—in conjunction with the THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsules and the THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix—DFT promotes clean and healthy weight management and an overall healthy lifestyle.Details Here

autism improvised

Autism Improvised, Inc offers a variety of applied improv and theatre programs to help address the social challenges and rigid thinking of those who are mildly-to-moderately affected by Autism. Details Here

life behavior

LIFE Behavior Consulting, Christina Bailey along with Meredith Sinclair, MS, CRC will be sharing evidence-based approaches to improving your loved one’s social interactions. Our goal is to empower individuals to learn skills that will improve their access to social opportunities, relationships, and independence in their home, community, school, and vocational settings. Details Here

TASB Awards 2018

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Join TASB Volunteers as we look back on our year of giving back! See who we spotlight and give Recognition with Style to! Bring your friends as stylists and barbers get their turn to walk on the red carpet and enjoy an awesome evening of laughter, motivation and inspiration. Advance tickets are a minimum donation of $25.  At the door $35, (plus $1 for each ticket transaction fee).

Ticket purchase Here


To zoom in, double click photo!

TASB Hair-Raising Battles

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Fox News Clip

Grab a Can of Change and take the TASB Pledge? Join Stylists & Barbers for this Hair-Raising movement and let’s make a difference in our communities.

TASB Walk for Change  

Sunday, July 22, 2:00 p.m, Open to the public!

Join us for a fun walk.

Swift-Cantrell Park

3140 Old 41 Hwy NW, Kennesaw, Georgia 30144

You CAN CHANGE a Bully for the BETTER?
Support this anti-bullying campaign. Team up with stylists and barbers and take the TASB pledge to stop bullying now. “I CAN make a CHANGE for the better! On July 22, 2018 at 2:00 in the afternoon, walk a lap (1 mile)around Swift Cantrell Park with a choice of a fun side trail– a Splash of Noodles, Bubbles, Hoola Hoops and more.
TASB Volunteers will provide bullying prevention resources and strategies. Stylists and barbers are supporting the cause by giving complimentary hair styling gift cards to students who have been bullied. To fit our theme “You Can Make a Change for the Better,” registration is one can – any type of can – of loose change. Join the competition and create an anti Bullying slogan on a poster. Click the poster below for more details..


HR battle

The Association of Stylists and Barbers invites you to part II of the evening events on July, 22, 2018. Our TASB Hair Battle, Round 2. Our event is open to the public.  Just bring a Can of Change, a lot of change or a bit of change. Let’s all come together so we CAN make a CHANGE for the better!! Check out amazing talent as stylists, barbers and students compete for that amazing new look. It’s not just a hair battle but a battle for knowledge, motivation and success. We all need a reboot! TASB will also bring out the amazing speakers on how to get a grip on no more Bullying, low self-esteem and suicide that’s combing the nation. We want to knock these issues clear out of the ring.  This event starts after the walk, at 4:00 p.m. at Mirella’s Hair Salon,2726 Summer St. Kennesaw, Ga.

To compete, register here click here.  Fee is a Can of Change!

Speakers will be announced soon.

Double click flyers to zoom in!

flyer_2flyer copy

TASB Beacon of Hope & Grants!

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During our first TASB Meet Up of 2018, TASB Volunteers Katie Walji and Sara Clark presented our TASB Beacon of Hope to Naomi Cheeks. She is a proud mother whose son, Mark has been diagnosed with autism.  This is the beginning of distributing Grants to families who are having a hard time paying out of pocket expenses for  autism therapy. Our TASB Volunteers are now able to help their clients who have kids/students with autism. This is just the beginning of what can happen when stylists and barbers come together and make a difference in the lives of our clients. Join us this years Hair-Raising Events including our annual TASB Cut-a-Thon for Autism starting the weekend before Labor Day with opening celebrations. A 6 wk period for you and all your clients to get involved, join the movement and creating Autism Awareness.

Beacon of Hope

Beacon of Hope

Mark’s Story

Mark has always been an interesting kid ever since he was little. I have always known Mark was different, he didn’t talk until he was 3 and when I questioned his pediatrician about it she said it was likely due to all his ear infections. He continued to develop more slowly than other children his age both with his motor skills and socially. Mark is a very loving, happy, kid that enjoyed playing outside, but often by himself and didn’t play much with others, he preferred to play with his dogs. In 2015 Mark was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and ODD. He was given multiple medications to help with his ADHD and none of them worked for him and he grew excessively more aggressive, and mean and angry as the months went by. On April 20, 2016, my very sweet, happy, kind hearted child did something no child should ever do. He tried to cut his own throat open and kill himself with a pair of scissors. Thankfully the attempt was unsuccessful but we spent 5 days in an ER waiting for a childrens facility willing to take him. Mark on April 24th Mark was then transported to a children’s facility in Savannah Georgia and had to remain there for 5 days before he was allowed to come home. They tried to give him another form of medication to calm him down but this medicine made his anxiety so much worse. Then I finally decided to have a new pediatrician evaluate him and she suggested that we get an evaluation done. I went and filled out all the paper work and Mark had his evaluation on June 14th, a week later I was given the results and he was diagnosed with Autism. I was so relieved because now I knew there was something else I could do to help him and I could get my sweet boy back. We started ABA with Spectrum Behavioral Associates in August of 2016 and Mark has made so many huge improvements that I am in awe of his progress. I am starting to see bits of my sweet boy coming back to me. I am so thankful for all the hard work of the therapist that provide him services and this wouldn’t be possible for us as a family without this scholarship because insurance companies still do not understand how important these therapies are for children on the spectrum. We couldn’t go out to dinner as a family and now we can, we couldn’t let him go back to regular public school and now he has a modified schedule and is able to interact with his peers. This therapy means everything to my family and I am so thankful for the scholarship we have received to help with the cost of that.

Girl Scouts Achieve, 1st TASB Grant

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1 girl scout72It was an honor to give out our first TASB Grant to an all inclusive Autism Girl Scout Troop, Achieve 722 at Chique Salon, Evansville, Indiana, Salon owner Whitney Bullock. The theme for the evening, “You are Beautiful” was an inspiring treat for the girls. Troop leader, Missy Goff, helped each Girl Scout share an uplifting quote, a self confidence booster, while seeing their own special beauty in our Sunflower Mirror, TASB’s Beacon of Hope. Everyone could get their pony on as Elaine Lord, founder of TASB, Kennesaw GA. gave each student a super chic look! Therapist, Tina Gibbs demonstrated Mneme Therapy. An Art therapy session that helps with special needs including those on the autism spectrum. Troop 722 will receive a complimentary Mneme therapy session with Tina. Thank you to TASB Volunteers, Shari Kempf, of Hair Street Station and Tracey Schu, Stylist for coming out to support this Hair-Raising Event. I am very excited that TASB is now distributing grants to families chosen by TASB volunteers. TASB Volunteers are excited to join forces with our upcoming TASB Cut-a-thon for Autism. Our opening celebrations begin on August 25, and to continue throughout the month of September. Go TASB!




P1150392 rs1 girl scout72

Girl Scouts, The Achievers

Clara with mirror72

Forsythia with mirror72


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Come on board The Association of Stylists & Barbers (TASB). Join the movement with your colleagues from across the states. Check out our social media to see how stylists and barbers are making a difference in their communities. Check out our CALENDAR OF EVENTS! Grow your skills by hanging out with your colleagues. You can never have to much knowledge. You have the opportunity to be spot lighted in our magazine “Recognition with Style”. TASB helps you along the way. We will send you items and information for a successful event that you choose to volunteer your time and talent with. We will make you the talk of the town, it’s easy! Just join other TASB Volunteers and create awareness for our Hair-Raising events. You will be surprised at how your clients want to support “YOU”! See what happens when you tell everyone you became a TASB Volunteer!




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          TASB Walk for Change  

Sunday, July 22, 2:00 p.m, Open to the public!

Join us for a fun walk.

Swift-Cantrell Park

3140 Old 41 Hwy NW, Kennesaw, Georgia 30144
Fee to walk is a CAN of CHANGE!

You CAN CHANGE a Bully for the BETTER?
Support this anti-bullying campaign. Team up with stylists and barbers and take the TASB pledge to stop bullying now. “I CAN make a CHANGE for the better! Walk a lap (1 mile)around Swift Cantrell with a choice of a fun side trail– a Splash of Noodles, Bubbles, Hoola Hoops and more.
TASB Volunteers will provide bullying prevention resources and strategies. Stylists and barbers are supporting the cause by giving complimentary hair styling gift cards to students who have been bullied. To fit our theme “You Can Make a Change for the Better,” registration is one can – any type of can – of loose change. Competition on Bullying Posters and who brings the most CHANGE.

IMG_0620 Untitled-1


TASB Hair-Raising Battle #2

Sunday, July 28, 4:00 p.m.  Open to the public!

Mirella’s Salo

2726 Summer St. Kennesaw, Ga. 30144

Admission Fee is a CAN of CHANGE!

The Association of Stylists and Barbers will fight against Bullying, Low Self-Esteem and Suicide. Stylists and barbers will come together and compete with amazing talent and models fighting these issues.  It’s not just a hair competition between colleagues but a battle for knowledge, motivation and success. We all need a reboot! TASB will bring you a panel of amazing guests to speak to you on how you can make a change for the better while professional stylists and barbers compete against all odds. After the event I am confident you will become a better YOU! Register now! Competition fee is a Can of Change!DSC_0014a



  1. Fastest Fade
  2. Free Style Design
  3. Creative Cut (Limited competitors, register early.)
  4. Face Off
  5. Mannequin Creativity (Beauty College Students only)

**Creative Cut Category, competitors will receive a model provided by TASB. (ages13-19) First to register will be provided a model.

** Mannequin Creativity, bring your finished mannequin on display to be judged and for all to enjoy. This years theme is…

“There is always something you can do and  succeed at”  ~ Stephen Hawkin

Rules will be passed out after registration.  

Competition Fee is a Can of Change!!


TASB Cut-a-Thon for Autism.

Do you have what it takes for the “TASB CHALLENGE”
Starting August 25 (Opening Celebrations)
throughout our 6-week “rebooking” period, October 7 (Closing Celebrations).
TAKE the TASB CHALLENGE!! (What’s the challenge?)


KEEP IT SIMPLE, choose your favorite client(s) cut their hair and donate part or all funds to the autism. Tell clients you want to give their tips to our Cut-a-thon. Ask neighboring businesses to contribute to a silent auction or raffle products, services, or merchandise.

JAZZ IT UP, by creating a celebration of Awareness for Autism. Check out Recognition with Style magazine  pages 10-13 to see your colleagues from across the states make their Cut-a-thon a fun and successful event!

Friends and Family
Come to one of our participating salons/barbershops and support Autism! If your stylist/barber is not familiar with the many different ways their colleagues are supporting the movement we can contact them. Share our site and tell them to take the challenge because you want to support Autism.  We will give you additional information and everyone will get their TASB official armband(s) too.

Register , donate or call 770-355-4934 for questions.
Post YOUR CHALLENGES on your social media; tell everyone to take the TASB Challenge.


ASB Educational Class

next class will be scheduled  soon!

Spectrun Behavioral Associates

4492 Acworth Industrial Dr. #100

Acworth, Ga. 30101

Cutting Edge Techniques for the Autism Spectrum!  You can never have to much knowledge! Receive an autism certification and learn from experts what you can do to cut and style hair for those on the autism spectrum! Learn successful tips so these amazing kids can have their visit be as enjoyable as all clients who come see you for your professional service.DSCF1112 2 Guest speakers, TASB  Volunteer Sharelle Wilder and therapist Sara Clark, ABA Therapist at Spectrum Behavioral Associates. Certificates for attending class will be awarded. Cost $10.00 minimum donation. Bring your scissors & clippers for a hands on class  $20. Watch and learn from your colleagues. TASB Volunteer VIP( free) Donations can be made at the door or Donate Here

TASB Awards Celebration 2017

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Congratulations to our TASB Volunteers who receive recognition with Style. Our annual celebration, held every November in the metro Atlanta area, reflects on what our TASB volunteers have accomplished throughout the year–giving “Recognition with Style” to our many volunteers, sponsors and clients. We hope you and your friends join your colleagues who made a difference in their communities for this year’s inspirational night of fun, laughter and camaraderie.

Purchase tickets and consider a spotlight in the next issue of Recognition with Style magazine here: $25 donation for single ticket. $40 donation for couples tickets.

Pay Tickets Here

TASB Class

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Hands-On Class featuring Hair Educator, Jimmy Dickens.You can’t find education at this level! 

Step up your Game!! Fades, Shear Cutting, Razor Techniques plus motivation to get you through the holidays! Bring your own model or mannequin.
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 @ 7:00 P.M.

Cobb Beauty College, 3096 Cherokee St. Kennesaw, GA. 30144

To make your donation to our TASB Class!  

Donate Here   $20 minimum general donation for members,  $40 minimum general donation for non members. Tax forms will be given at the class. A mannequin can be purchased at Cobb Beauty College with a stand for $55. Please contact Elaine Lord for questions. 770-355-4934

All proceeds will go to The Association of Stylists and Barbers.


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The Association of Stylists and Barbers presents our inaugural Hair-Raising Event, TASB Barber Battle, Round 1, including barbers, stylists and students. Our event held in Kennesaw, Georgia, is open to the public. It’s not just a hair battle but a battle for knowledge, motivation and success. We all need a reboot! TASB will bring out the best artists in the hair industry. We want to knock out those struggling issues that everyone deals with clear out of the ring. You are not alone! Mark your calendars for July 17th at 4:00 p.m. and join your colleagues for an evening where “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”.

TICKETS? Don’t miss out on the action!
TASB is a charitable organization with a 501c3. All proceeds will benefit The Association of Stylists and Barbers Day Retreat.

Thank you for helping us make this Hair-Raising event a success with your donation!

$15 minimum donation gives you- one entry ticket to see all the action and a raffle ticket!
$35 minimum donation gives you- one entry ticket for one battle category, students for one mannequin and a raffle ticket too!

All guests and battlers bring your business card for a special door prize drawing!
Buy tickets online, in advance to receive something special!!

Donate Here

Battlers CLICK HERE to register!!


PEOPLES CHOICE- 50/50- YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH A 50/50. EVERYONE WINS!! Get the support of your family, friends, colleagues and clients. Each category you will have a chance for your fans to vote by giving YOU- $$$ donations ($1-$100+++) for supporting you and our charity. Let everyone know between now and July 17th you are battling with the best barbers around the states and you need their support. The funds you raise will be divided 50% for you to keep and 50% will benefit TASB Day Retreat. The battler from each category with the most support (funds raised) will be awarded by TASB.

GUEST CATEGORIES- TASB will provide a number of models who are in need of their spirits/low self-esteem lifted. Battlers will draw numbers for their chosen models and be judged on their new hair style. The winners will be awarded by TASB.

STUDENT CATEGORIES- Students can enter as many mannequins as they like. (Fees apply for each mannequin) You can have your mannequin represent you as an individual, your school or a team. Have fun and remember “ANYTHING is POSSIBLE”!

Battlers must bring professional/student license and ID to enter battles.



Quan Lanae Green is an American Broadcast personality and lifestyle blogger. Based out of Atlanta Ga.; She inspires women to dream big, take the limits off of their lives, and live life fabulously!


The Hawk

Joshua Hawkins known as “Hawk the Barber Prodigy” is an Ohio native. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA. where he has over 6 years of experience as a licensed barber at Furious Styles, Midtown. At the age of 25, he takes pride in his work as a platform artist master barber. Josh is also an educator for Babyliss4barbers and a member of Barber Stars. He concentrates on training and perfecting his skills to become an all-round businessman. He has recently developed an edging spray called “Hawk Sauce”. Josh has competed in and won first place in all professional competitions. Four time award winning barber also placed first in the Blurry fades expo for old school cuts. He has consistently ranked among top barbers in America making him “The Best Barber in America”. Josh has been recognized and requested by some of the top “A List” celebrities in the entertainment and sports industries. His devotion to his clients over the years has allowed him to develop a special bond with each and every one. Here’s More!

Jimmy Dickens

Jimmy Dickens, Sr. grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. After graduating from high school he supported himself while he attended Barber School and earned a degree in Barber Science. Ten years ago he opened a local barbershop, Amazing Cuts, in the heart of Kennesaw, GA. As a result of his efforts, over 10 people are employed and able to provide for their families. Every year Jimmy hosts food drives and sponsors Thanksgiving dinners for those in need, He gives free haircuts to struggling mothers and people going on their first job interviews. Jimmy is a TASB Volunteer pioneer. Friends and family have countless stories of Jimmy’s willingness to lend a helping hand. Jimmy now wants to take his leadership experience and use it to improve the City of Kennesaw. Here’s More


Dee the Edgeologist, took over cutting his own hair for more than 25 years. A 3rd Generation Barber, est 1916, who lives in Tampa, Florida. Owner of Barbers R Us Plus #1 and now opening #2. Dee is reopening a barbershop that has not been in business since 1915. Dee is a motivational and educational artist who worked closely with Dr. Lewis Brinson in the program he founded, “Barbers and Fathers on Cutting Edge.” Featured on ESPN and in the Local Daily. Dee has many Barber Battles under his belt and is known for an Award Winning, 1st Self Cut Barber. Dee mentors to his clients and always been one to give back to the community. He has created awareness for Barbers Against Violence and joins TASB for the Cut-a-thon for Autism. Here’s more!

Shelia Jones

Shelia Jones resides in Fieldale, Virginia. At a young age, her knowledge and career grew because of a special relationship with Joe and Eunice Dudly, founders of Dudley Beauty Corp, LLC, an international hair care and beauty products company for several years. As manager of several Great Clips and Smart Styles hair salon Franchises, Shelia has taken her struggling shops and turned them around to create more clientele traffic and improvements for her top notch salons in her community. Sheila is a TASB Volunteer pioneer and loves to make a difference in the lives of others. Here’s More!

Marcus Harvey

Marcus Harvey is a “Barber to the Stars”. He can be found providing luxury barber services on the set of BET’s, Let’s Stay Together and Sunday’s Best as well on TNT’s NBA commentary segments and Tyler Perry Studios movies. Marcus is also a cast member at Ghost Brothers and a comedian at Comedian. He does all of this while maintaining his faithful clients, the everyday working class men and women who want to have that Barber Star look and treatment. Co-Owners Marcus Harvey and Kellon Akeem of The Musa Lair Grooming Gallery, strive to cultivate a business that specializes in inspiring clients to reach their fullest potential in style, conversation & culture. One of our goals for the year is to form a fraternity of affluent men and women that impact the youth and community through outreach and mentorship. “To empower and inspire the community through the Arts & Grooming.” Here’s More!

Charles Barnes

Charles Barnes is owner and master barber of Hollywood Cutz LLC, Kennesaw, Ga. Charles attended St. Augustine University in Raleigh, North Carolina and majored in communications and minored in business. To this day, he has been cutting hair for over 25 years. He decided to do it for a living because it was something he was confident about. In addition to his talent as a barber, he also is a motivational speaker for the Kennesaw area youth. Barnes, who loves to lift your spirits said “You set your own limitations… there is nothing you can’t achieve with hard work.”

Guest Speaker

Big Mouth Ben

Big Mouth Ben

Benjamin began playing classical music on the string bass at the age of 12 and the trombone at the age of 15. Ben started his company Profitable Publishing in which he released his first CD titled “Live Your Dream”. Living a successful but fast life as an up-and-coming entrepreneur, Ben begin experimenting with crime & drugs. After twenty years of surviving the harsh reality of the streets – addiction, homelessness, and crime, Ben took his entrepreneur skills, knowledge of the streets, and compassion for people to spearhead a motivational ministry that is currently touching many of the homeless and addicted on the streets of Atlanta and around the world. A person that has overcome adversity and now committed to the uplifting and encouragement of others.HERE’S MORE


Founder TASB

Founder TASB

Elaine Lord, a small town country girl from Fort Branch, Indiana. Her desire to play with hair came as a young girl. She was ready to start her career right out of high school. Elaine landed a job assisting 16-23 stylists, while building her own clientele for seven years, at The Village Beauty Parlor, Evansville, In. For over 30 years, Elaine has been blessed with many opportunities, including a dream of creating a hair styling book. This love of assisting her colleagues from her past gave her the passion for what she does today. Elaine enjoys assisting stylists and barbers with their dreams from her organization, The Association of Stylists and Barbers, founded in 2008. With the love of giving back to her community, photography, hair and the help of her family and friends (clientele), Elaine has created Recognition with Style, her hair styling magazine which also shares with readers how TASB grows from one year to the next. Elaine lives in Kennesaw, Georgia and is owner of Elaine’s Hair Studio where she enjoys hanging out with friends while styling their hair. Here’s More!


Walk for Change

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Let’s put a stop to bullying!! Join TASB Volunteers and let’s cut out bullying, If you know someone who is being bullied don’t be silent, do your part and help make a change for the better. We will have information on hand and volunteers who can help. Click on the footprint to print out your walking shoes and create awareness, You “CAN” make “CHANGE” for the better. Collect change to help fill up a water jug on site. Donations will go towards bullying and TASB.

Register here

walk for change

Double click on invitation!