How our TASB Cut-a-Thon Works!

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 Check out what TASB Volunteers have done for their Cut-A-Thon from the past 5 years. (Before our autism awareness display competition). If you come up with a cool idea, please share!

1. How TASB Volunteers gave a cut to Autism.

• TASB autism items are placed in a basket on my station for clients to give a donation starting the last week in August. A minimum donation of $1 for one ticket or $3 for 5tickets).

• When I receive my packet, I hang up my banner so people will see it from outside. I set out my TASB autism items  out so clients see and know I am creating autism awareness. I give everyone who makes a donation a TASB item. A person walking by saw the banner and gave a donation of $100.

• My clients have help me in special ways, I have the ability to help back. Throughout one week of the Cut-A-Thon I book these special clients for my last appointments. They will receive 50% off their haircut and $10 will go to the cause. I feel good to have given my time and talent to our Cut-A-Thon.

• I give the earnings from my first Client, each Saturday, during our TASB Cut-a-Thon.

• I tell all my clients who are booked for Saturday that 50% of proceeds from hair services go to our TASB Cut-a-thon.

• We have our customer appreciation day during our TASB Cut-a-Thon on Saturday, 9-2. Our clients receive a 50% discount at that time.  Stylists pre-book, others who are building a clientele take new and walk-in clients.

• We stay open on Saturday for an extra 3 hours. (Theme, Happy Hour)  We will give 50% of the proceeds to our honorary client. We raise autism awareness by celebrating, going out and getting donations by telling everyone about autism awareness lottery ticket drawings.

• During the month of August, we tell our clients we are donating a dollar of our tip money to the cause. Clients tend to give more money to the cause when we explain what we are doing.

2. TASB “Festivities”

• Throughout the month of August we pass out fliers, display silent auction/drawing items and let our clients know we are giving 50% off haircuts on the last Sunday of the month between 1-6. We ask  businesses in our shopping center, our sales representatives and clients for donations and support. We use items from hair shows, products from our shelves, lottery tickets and TASB items to make baskets. We invite colleagues from other salons/shops to join us. Music, food and games are offered.

• Karaoke, Bands and DJ, dancing throughout the event.
Venders come to support the cause,  BBQ. Food donations; grocery stores/restaurants (Schnucks, Panera Bread, Publix, Kroger) donate bakery food.

• Trivia, let’s make a deal, tug a war, relay races, winners receive a TASB or donated item. Bounce house, face painting, crafts. We post our goal for the year, every $100 that is raised we ring a bell and cheer till we reach our goal!

• We recognize our honorary guest who is on the autism spectrum each year. We light a candle on a cupcake and everyone shares uplifting wishes

• We have a 24-hour Cut-a-Thon, 6:00, pm Saturday- 6:00 pm Sunday, volunteers swap the shift of volunteers at midnight. Lot’s of food for everyone and we have Autism organization  guests visit. We pre-book clients and take walk-ins. 50% off cuts are given.

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