Hair-Raising Battle

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Due to the Covid 19 pandemic our 2020 Hair-Raising Battles have been cancelled! Many stylists & barbers are heading back to work and concentrating on adapting to the new norm. Learning to make new changes and keeping our clients safe is number one priority. We are in this together! Stay Safe!

Thank You, Elaine Lord


2019 Event


Mirella’s Hair Salon

2726 Summer St, Kennesaw, GA  30144

Check out amazing talent as stylists, barbers and students compete. It’s not just a hair battle but a battle for knowledge, motivation and success. We will help you “Be the Change”.  Amazing speakers will tell how to get help with bullying, low self esteem and suicide prevention.  Food, drinks and music will be available, this event takes place after the Walk for Change at 10 am.

TICKETS – early competitor discount ends the day before the event, at the door $50

$25 Competitor Donation


Mannequin Creativity

Freestyle/ Design/Updo

Fastest Fade

Creative Design Cut

Battlers register here

Thank you for helping us make our Hair Raising event a success!




Emcee, Dee the Edgeologist, took over cutting his own hair for more than 25 years. A 3rd Generation Barber, est 1916, who lives in Tampa, Florida. Owner of Barbers R Us Plus #1 and now opening #2. Dee is reopening a barbershop that has not been in business since 1915. Dee is a motivational and educational artist who worked closely with Dr. Lewis Brinson in the program he founded, “Barbers and Fathers on Cutting Edge.” Featured on ESPN and in the Local Daily. Dee has many Barber Battles under his belt and is known for an Award Winning, 1st Self Cut Barber. Dee mentors to his clients and always been one to give back to the community. He has created awareness for Barbers Against Violence and joins TASB for the Cut-a-thon for Autism. HERE’S MORE!

Emcee,Morale O’cain, of Morale All Things Hair. I’m a licensed Cosmetologist of Hair Elevation Studio, A 5-star salon in Atlanta, Georgia, servicing clients for over 17 years. I am an expert when it comes to hair analyzation and healthy hair care. Analyzing hair and knowing that product alone, is not always the solution. CEO of The Hair Debate, where we debunk, debate, discover, all things hair. We are in our 3rd season with The Hair Debate Show. Read MorekimjacobGuest Speakers, Kim & Jacob Krawkowski, Hear from both Mother & Son as they share their journey. Ask them questions…. Learn  about the struggles and the joy of raising Jacob and the challenges Jacob overcame. Jacob & Kim have a motto, just because you are diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum,  “Never Underestimate”! Find out what motivated Jacob to get his associates degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology BEFORE  he graduated High school. Read More

Guest Speaker, Tez, I was born in Detroit, Michigan and Raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I am the youngest of 3 older brothers. I’ve been a professional barber for 6 years of Rich Cuts Barbershop n Kennesaw, Ga. Currently I have a full time Business speaking across the US as a forex educator and Work. ReadMore
Guest Speaker, Rosalind S Latson, from Ft. Lauderdale Fl. Currently residing in  Augusta Georgia Author of Children’s Books: Alexia In The Land of Appleville and Nicole Versus The Bully Bees.  Latson will speak on Bullying + Depression = Suicide #NO BULLYING. Read More


Guest SpeakerBlake Jones was always too this or too that; he was never “just right” in society’s eyes.  Once he chose to get right with himself, Blake’s life started to become rather lonely….because let’s face it, society is a tough critic and Blake definitely has always gone against the grain. Younger blake was often quite confused why so many people tormented and teased him.  After some really sad, dark teenage days, Blake chose to dive deeper and by doing so, he finally found the right people to call friends and life became A-okay!  Blake has learned during his journey that no matter what you think about yourself, your reality will match and too many people think the wrong things about themself.  Blake’s big mission is to spread good vibes and good composure. Blake loves teaching people HOW to “just get over it” and the WHY behind “that’s just a part of life”; Blake’s unique approach certainly makes him a compelling speaker. Read More



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